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Why Africa Startup Lab?

Afrika Startup Lab  started in the middle of the COVID19 crisis, in 2020. 

Anthony Miclet and and Boum III Jr, the founders, had been mentoring entrepreneurs for a few months. They decided to ask some work relations to dedicate 30 minutes a week to support entrepreneurs in Africa, they posted this on LinkedIn and the message suddenly went viral! 

Shortly afterwards, Anthony and Boum became overwhelmed with requests. 


This is when they realized that this action was so meaningful. People said they believed in the mission and were ready to meet the demanding 20 hours a week request. 

The program started out as one-on-one mentorship to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting, building and growing businesses in Africa.

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Entrepreneurship in Africa




We believe entrepreneurship is the pathway for Africa’s growth. There are many young high skilled graduates in Africa but unemployed youth will not use their potential without this support. The dynamics of entrepreneurship require a youthful population, a stronger economy, more sustainable families and communities. Without entrepreneurship, Africa will remain dependent on other countries.

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