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Hello Afrika!

A lot has happened here at Afrika Startup Lab since our launch three months ago. The past months have been exciting and defining moments in the genesis of our organization. Working to build an empowered Africa has had us moving fast to lay the foundation of ASL; and in just three months we have done a beehive of things. Let’s get you up to date with what we’ve been doing here. Shall we?

Getting Africa on Track- The ASL Way

ASL’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs solving Africa’s biggest challenges by bridging the information, resource and finance gap. Our 5 year goal is to elevate 500,000 entrepreneurs by 2026. The African entrepreneurial community spans a wide spectrum from subsistence solo business owners to growth startup founders. ASL is here to empower them all. Our actions are not limited to a specific industry. We welcome all entrepreneurs looking to take their ventures forward. Therefore, ASL plans to elevate entrepreneurs by giving them the tools to:

  • Build sustainable businesses

  • Bring a startup idea to life

  • Grow their existing ventures

  • Further their business education

  • Access financing

That is our grand plan to elevate African entrepreneurs and by so doing, elevating Afrika! We hope you join us on this journey.

Free Mentorship Program - Amazing Sign Ups in Just 3 Months!

We are big on making an impact in Africa and it is not surprising that our mission is already at sail. One of our initiatives which is already making waves is our free mentorship program matching entrepreneurs and startups with expert mentors. In the last three months, we’ve had over 400 entrepreneurs sign up for mentorship sessions.

Our mentor and entrepreneur community is a promising online platform where we hope to empower budding and existing entrepreneurs to discover the best possible ways of solving the economic challenges in Africa. To do this, we peer up entrepreneurs who have registered in our database with mentors from different walks of life and who have the requisite knowledge to support entrepreneurial ideas. Through this community, we hope that entrepreneurs would learn from experienced managers, connect with co-founders, and get the right resources to fund their dream in African communities.

There’s Something New About Us

Yaay! We are excited to announce the launch of our latest website. Our new website went live on 20th October 2020 and it has got cool features. Our goal was to make sure that this version of our website has an African look, easy to navigate and break the barrier of language for our audience. You can now view our website both in English and French. We have also integrated a form for anyone interested in becoming a mentor or joining our entrepreneur community to access free mentorship and other resources we will be making available. Kindly visit to see our added features and tell us what you think. Thanks to our wonderful team at Afrika Startup Lab who have shown great team work in pulling this through.

Meet The African-Centric Team at ASL

"Teamwork makes the dream work - John Maxwell"

If there is ever a list for those with a vision fostering development in Africa, remember to bring up Afrika Startup Lab. One thing we have in common at ASL is the passion for Africa’s development and we are coming together to drive ASL's mission.

Take a Look at our Core team at ASL: Boum III Jr (Co-Founder), Anthony Miclet (Co-Founder), Emmanuella Chioke (Startup Success Lead), Jessica Gaubert (Fundraising Lead), Ziko Murataj (Data Analyst) and Anne Chukwunwike (Social Media Lead).

Afrikamazing Nuggets

Keep Moving, Stay Inspired, Stay Safe!

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Ready to connect with experienced and like-minded individuals to get your entrepreneurial journey on the go? Sign up for a free mentorship session today. Click here

We are currently looking for volunteers experienced in the following:

Web and Graphic design

Content Creation

Web Developers

Business Development.

Please join our Global Volunteer Community by filling out this form and a member of our team will be in touch. Want to get in touch with us. Contact the ASL team here


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