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Welcome to our Mentors' page

Afrika Startup Lab is continuously building a community of dedicated mentors, all of whom are determined to help aspiring and established entrepreneurs succeed. Standing at the top of their fields, our mentors offer support, guidance and a keen ear

Boum III Jr

Boum is passionate about entrepreneurship in general and business strategy specifically. Boum is Pro-Africa, loves engaging in conversations with actors in the startup ecosystem and accompanying aspiring or acting entrepreneurs in their respective journeys.

Laetitia Tiani Vessah

Laetitia is passionate about creating "a-ha" moments that unleash potential. She has experience in consumer/ market analytics & insights, and brand management. I am passionate about people and working on solutions that improve lives. Lastly, I firmly believe in the power of African youth and want to be an agent of change.

Anthony Miclet

Anthony is an experienced product manager who specializes in driving vision and roadmap for businesses. His specialties include eCommerce, mobile applications, product strategy, and managing a roadmap. He also doesn’t sleep much and has a life goal of wanting to enrich as many people’s lives as possible before he dies

Amanda Obidike

Amanda is a Certified professional in STEM by the Open University, UK and Founder of STEMi Makers Africa where she created sustainable and implementable projects in 78 underserved Communities across 18 Sub-Saharan countries by preparing the next generation of Africans with future-focused options in STEM and becoming more experienced for Africa's workforce. Forbes Science marked her as the Nigerian changing the culture fabric for young talents to embrace STEM. In addition,

Amine Hammami

Proficient Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and accredited Chartered Engineer Program Manager. 7 years of international experience in the Aerospace Industry with focus on project management through product life cycle, process excellence, operational efficiency, and cost optimization.

Deanna Wiblitzhouser

Deanna began her career as a consultant at KPMG where she facilitated efficiency development and innovation of financial data processes for Fortune 500 companies. Afterward, Deanna joined TPG, a private equity firm with +$100B assets under management, working on financial reporting and operations before converting to a senior advisor to lead the redesign of the Holdings reporting platform.  Deanna is currently interning at McKinsey & Company.

Ilwaad Aman

Finance & Management MBA with global experience. Formally credit trained.

Latim Jonathan

My diverse background is a result of diverse experiences and diverse interests. I am an Aerospace Engineer pursuing MBA who is intrigued by people, technology, and innovation.

Nofisat Bello

Global Finance & Strategy professional with a passion for intellectually challenging tasks. Over the past 7 years, I’ve worked across numerous facets of business ranging from Biotechnology, Sales, Marketing, Operations & Logistics, Financial Audits, Financial Analysis, Customer Service, and Business Relationship Management. An adept executor with intrinsic analytical capabilities, stellar problem-solving skills, and an affinity helping others.

Ioannis Yannakakis

Ioannis is a consultant with analytical, operational and entrepreneurial experience in real estate, project financing and web development. 
He is currently pursuing a graduate diploma in Business Analytics from the University of London and the London School of Economics, holding a BA in Economics. 
Having lived across Europe and Africa, Ioannis has an affinity for thriving with peers, partners, clients, colleagues and friends in an international and endlessly diverse environment.

Yvonne Onyebuchi Okafor

Yvonne is a consultant passionate about development in Africa. She currently works as a Senior Analyst at Open Capital based in Nairobi Kenya where she works with companies at the intersection of finance, impact, and innovation with the goal of advancing African economies. Prior to joining Open Capital, Yvonne worked as an analyst and investor in the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry between Nigeria and the United States.

Charlene Assam

Charlene is a certified public accountant, auditor and full-time youtuber based out of Atlanta, GA. She has vast audit experience focused on the consumer goods and retail space. She is passionate about the racial wealth gap in the United States and has created and organized sold-out events in New York City focused on sparking conversations. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, filming, and spending time with family.

El Hadji Malick Badiane

El Hadji Malick is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has experience in the fashion, textile and retail industries. His passion is helping those in need to live in better conditions. He is also specialized in consulting, marketing and project management. He was born and raised in Senegal and pursued his education in the US, majoring in business and entrepreneurship. His goal is to make a difference and build a better tomorrow for Africa.

Celina Pilstl

Celina is a positive and enthusiastic leader. She has experience in social media management, hospitality, nutrition, and English. Two of her expertise are public speaking and writing. Whether it’s to help you with your public speaking or teach you about social media management, Celina is ready to help and excited to meet you.

Connect with me
Eric Chapman

 I spent three years at EY auditing public tech companies. . I led a team of Ghanaian web developers and cashew farmers in the 2018 Peace Corps Cashew Hackathon, where we prototyped an SMS tool to enable farmers to track cashew farm sales. I led a team of Ghanaian web developers and cashew farmers in the 2018 Peace Corps Cashew Hackathon, where we prototyped an SMS tool to enable farmers to track cashew farm sales. .

Aime Nganso Ngongang

Aime is a senior software engineer with a little over 6 years of experience from various industries and companies. He loves talking about everything at the intersection of business and technology.

He feels an unmeasurable strong sense of fulfillment every time he assists somebody in accomplishing his or her goal. 

Keerthi Bharath

Keerthi runs the Artificial Intelligence team at Informatica. Prior to this, he ran startups in Los Angeles and New York City. He has corporate experience working in Fortune 500 companies in Wall Street and Bay Area. Keerthi holds a dual masters in Computer Science from India and Management from Syracuse University, New York

Gaurav Kirpalani

Gaurav was born and brought in Lagos, Nigeria. After completing his high school there, he moved to India for university and landed his first job in a Digital & Performance Marketing agency. From then, Gaurav has worked with some of the biggest brands in India, Middle East & Africa. His latest role was with Jumia, Africa’s biggest e-commerce platform where he worked as a Marketing Consultant/ Manager for their on demand delivery platform. Here, he combined his skills of performance marketing and overall digital strategy to help grow their business.

Alexandre Marc

I was born in France, raised between the Caribbean and the Philippines, educated in the USA, and have since worked in highly international contexts to bring high-tech products to market. A multidisciplinary expert in technological innovation and industrialization, I am also equipped with extensive management experience in professional collaborations between the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Having experienced the full spectrum of the human condition firsthand, I am passionate about socio-environmental impact and pursuing entrepreneurship as generator of on-the-ground solutions.

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