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Welcome to the ASL rockstar team. Our team is diverse and spread around the world.

Boum III Jr

Afrika Startup Lab Co-Founder

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Strategist

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Anthony Miclet

Afrika Startup Lab Co-Founder

Entrepreneur, Product Manager,  Strategist

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Jessica Gaubert

ASL Fundraising Lead

Jessica graduated with a master's degree in International Relations from the University of New South Wales. Passionate about social justice and human rights, Jessica volunteered at several NGOs in Australia, France, UAE and Portugal where she helped communities to bring about social change. She strongly believes the digital future is not about technologies but about empowering people.

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Anne Chukwunwike

ASL Social Media Lead

Anne holds a bachelor's degree in Communication and Language Art from the University of Ibadan and is currently enrolled in a master’s program with a major in Applied Communication. During her undergraduate program, she volunteered at the university's campus radio station, where she made her mark as a volunteer by coming up with program ideas and presentations to boost the radio’s listenership base.  . For Anne, surmounting the challenges we face in Africa will be realizable so long as the tools for inclusion are put in place.

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Niazi Murataj

ASL Process Engineering Lead

I study Operations and Computer Science at UNC Chapel Hill.

 I leverage systems thinking to develop ASL's tech stack: processes that automate due diligence, information sharing, data exploration, and talent management.

I'm not from an African nation--I'm from Albania. But developing nations like ours have similar problems, e.g. brain drain, that only entrepreneurs can solve. I build cost-effective tools for these entrepreneurs. 

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Emmanuella Chioke

ASL Startup Success Lead

I'm an impact investing professional focused on building a pipeline of impact based investable opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. In this role, I leverage data collection and analysis to understand the patterns of entrepreneurial success and use this to identify business gaps and opportunities to unlock more venture capital funding.

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Zach Marciano

ASL Research & Analyst Lead

Hi, my name is Zach and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago, studying economics and art history. Growing up in a family of North African descent, I was made aware of the resource gap present across the African continent from a very young age. Today, I seek to engage with the innovators who are identifying their region's most pressing problems and assist them in bringing their solutions to the world.

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